Editorial Board


Ivan Gryshchenko, Prof.Dr, Rector of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Academician of the National Academy of Pedagogical Science,  Honoured Educator of Ukraine


Deputy Editor-in-Chief:   

Viktor Lishchuk, Prof.Dr, General Director of «Chinbar»

Alexander Borodynya, Prof.Dr, President of the League «Ukrshkirvzuttyaprom»


Editorial Board Members:

Olga Baula, PhD, Associate Prof., Dean of the Faculty of Chemical and Biopharmaceutic Technologies, KNUTD

Serhiy Bereznenko, Prof., Dr., Head of the Technology and Design of Sewing Products Department, KNUTD

Larisa Voronina, Prof., Dr., Head of men’s suit maker Voronin

Svitlana Garkavenko, Prof., Dr., Pro-Rector for Research and Education, KNUTD

Mykola Zenkin, Prof., Dr., Dean of Faculty of Mechatronics and Computer Technologies, KNUTD

Ludmila Zubkova, Prof., Dr., Dean of Technology, Service and Fashion Faculty, KNUTD

Maryna Kolosnichenko, Prof.Dr., Dean of the Faculty of Design, KNUTD

Igor Polovnikov, Prof.Dr., President of the Ukrainian Technological Academy

Mykola Skyba, Prof.Dr., Rector of Khmelnytskyi National University

Vitaliy Chaban, Prof.Dr., Pro-Rector for Research, Education and International Affairs, KNUTD

Executive secretary: Natalie Mazur, KNUTD